replicas - ceramics glass stone

quarzsprung restaurierung offers restorations made of ceramic material, e.g. porcelain. Lost parts of objects may be made of such original material in order to care for an authentic feel of replacements. These types of restoration can be glazed or otherwise decorated and fired, using similar materials as those employed in the make-up of the original.

Typical cases would be a tiled stove still in use, which is in need of replacement tiles, or the recreation of lost lids or missing handles for vessels.

Copies of complete or fragments of original objects may be used for didactic purposes.

All copies and ceramic restorations are marked at some unobtrusive area to make sure, that they can by no means be mistaken for originals.

Furthermore, quarzsprung designs and makes ceramic art using old and ancient firing techniques like wood firing kilns or smoke and pit firing. → see examples